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This website is about poetry, books and art created

"By Sheryl Marie."

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*Here is my latest artwork for my upcoming novel SCULPTE​​D VISIONS.

Artwork for the upcoming novel SCULPTED VISIONS by Sheryl Marie

Please scroll through the coloring pages to find this and other festive pages.

*Poetry and Short Stories

*Rain-drop and Peek-a-boo

A very bunny documentary by Sheryl Marie

Children's book.

*Click here to find out more about the book.

Including a wonderful review from Kirkus Discoveries.

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Scroll down and you will then find the book under "Your Recent History."

*Inspiring reviews for the book

"Rain-drop and Peek-a-boo."

Written by local authors.

"Rain-drop and Peek-a-Boo charm their way through a number of adventures, keeping their owner hopping as much as they do. All can be forgiven, though, because they are very cute bunnies, as can be seen in the delightful illustrations."

-- Aline Soules, author of Evening Sun and Meditation on Woman

"Every grandparent needs a copy of this book. The adventures of Rain-drop and Peek-a-boo offer many lasting moments for Nana and Papa to interact with their grandchildren. It is hands-on."

-- J.D. Blair, journalist, Playwright and Short Story writer

"Children will be eager to see how much bunny havoc two adorable rabbits can wreak in this delightful tale. Rain-drop and Peek-a-boo will win over your heart with their antics, endearingly captured in Sheryl Marie’s story and illustrations."

-- Sean Hazlett, parent of 3 and blogger, Reflections of a Rational Republican

"Rain-drop and Peek-a-boo, two baby bunnies, bring joy to their owner as they bounce from one escapade after another. Sheryl Marie's enchanting illustrations are adorable and her love pours out of this heartfelt story."

--B. Lynn Goodwin, Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers and Managing Editor of Writer Advice.

*Please Help Fight Against Easter Bunny Abandonment.

Every year so many bunnies are abandoned.

They are left in neighborhoods, parks or brought to shelters.

Most of the young left outside don't survive the elements.

Those that make it to the animal shelters run the risk of euthanasia due to overcrowding.

So why are so many bunnies abandoned?

Many people have the misconception that bunnies are an easy pet to care for.

Only after buying a bunny do people soon discover that they bite, spray urine, scratch, chew on furniture, and fight.

Below are a few tips and concerns with having a bunny as a pet.

Bunnies need to be held and treated properly:

Holding a bunny correctly is crucial to having a well behaved pet and this may be difficult for a child to do.

It requires a delicate and precise touch.

When bunnies are held wrong they squirm, kick, jump, scratch and this can also lead to biting and other bad behaviors.

The same can happen if a its ears are pulled or if a hand petting the bunny comes too close to its face or eyes.

Bunnies have acute hearing and are sensitive to loud sounds.

Playing music too high or speaking too loudly can also upset a bunny and affect its behavior.

Bunnies' need more than just pellets and water:

Yes they do need fresh clean water and pellet food.

However, they also need hay daily

(to help wear down their teeth) and chew toys.

Bunnies have teeth that constantly grow.

If you let your bunny run around loose,

they will chew on anything that looks inviting.

They chew on things such as furniture, wires, plants and carpet.

This can also be harmful to the bunny.

Please make sure your family is not allergic to grasses before acquiring this pet.

Their dishes should be kept clean and their litter box emptied on a regular basis.

To properly care for a bunny, it needs to be kept in an area that does not get too hot or too cold and the best place is inside where the bunny won't be forgotten.

Bunnies have nails that do not retract:

Since bunnies nails do not retract, they really do scratch up your skin.

(Even if the bunny is calm and its nails are trimmed.)

A bunny needs it's nails clipped every month and a half (depending on the age and breed).

If you decided to get a bunny pet, either you need to clip its nails yourself or you need to take it in to get them clipped for a fee.

When clipping their nails, you need avoid cutting the quick (or finger portion - thin pink vein that runs inside the nail). And this is not always easy to see.

If you do accidently cut the quick, you will be causing a terrible pain for your rabbit and it may scream.

If you do not clip its nails regularly then they will break off and wound your bunny.

Bunnies need attention and love:

Bunnies should not be spanked or yelled at.

They are fragile and loving creatures.

If you get only one bunny, it will get lonely if it is not given proper attention on a daily basis.

If you choose to get two bunnies, please realize that two bunnies may end up fighting over territory.

If you decide to get a girl and a boy bunny, please talk to a vet immediately about spaying or neutering your pet.

My bunnies love each other's company and they crave for my attention.

They are always cuddling each other and playing games, each day proving that they are truly social creatures.

Rain-drop hates it when I leave the house and loves kissing my nose.

Peek-a-boo wants me to actually play "Peek-a-boo" over and over again with her every morning by hiding under the shelf in her cage and running out and standing up when I say "Peek-a-boo"!

I do feel that bunnies make a rewarding pet for those who are truly sensitive to a bunny's needs and dedicated to caring for such a gentle and affectionate creature.

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